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Welcome SHARP mentors and potential SHARP mentors! This page contains a brief overview of what is required of you as a SHARP mentor this summer. Before the program begins, the Participant List will contain a list of the accepted apprentices and their resumes. Please look over the accomplishments of these bright students to see if any one student particularly meets your goals for an employee, and inform the SHARP coordinator of your choice. The coordinator will make every effort to match you with the best possible student. Once the program has begun, click on the links above to read and download important emails and handouts that you or your student(s) might have missed, and see which of your colleagues are also participating this year. The information below is explained in more detail in the Mentor Handbook.

The primary role of the mentor is to provide guidance and to help the apprentice gain first hand infomation on possible career choices in the mathematics, science, engineering, and technology (MSET) fields.


  • To provide meaningful and challenging work in the areas of MSET during the course of the program.
  • To deveolp projects for the apprentice(s) that will provide a mix of hands-on and theoretical experience.
  • To spend as much time as you can with your apprentice(s), with an hour a day being average.
  • To counsel the apprentice on educational and career options as you become familiar with his/her capabilities, goals,a nd interests.
  • To notify the SHARP Coordinator immediately if you encounter any difficulties with an apprentice.
  • To assist the apprentice(s) in the preparation of his/her abstract, research/technical paper, and oral presentation. This assistance involves checking material for accuracy and ansuring that sensitive data is not disclosed.
  • To encourage and support the apprentice's participation in all enrichment activities that may be offered by the Program.
  • To sign and date the time sheets of the contractor apprentice(s) that is being supervised.
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