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Welcome SHARP apprentices! This page contains an overview of what is required of you during your 8 week apprenticeship. Click on the links above to read and download important emails and handouts that you might be missing, find out where your fellow students are working and how to contact them, and glance over the work of previous SHARP apprentices.

Aprentice Assignments:

  • Each apprentice will be required to prepare a 5 page written research/technical report, whcih will describe his/her assigned project.
  • Each apprentice will be required to prepare an abstract that will summarize his/her research/technical project.
  • Each apprentice will present an oral presentation, summarizing his/her project.
  • Each apprentice will be required to develop a SHARP Portfolio.
  • Each apprentice will be required to complete the Education Computer Aided Tracking System (EDCATS) Student Data Feedback Form.

Apprentice Responsibilities:

  • Attend all scheduled mandatory group meetings
  • Submit all documents on or before scheduled dates
  • Submit all documents typed and in good grammatical form
  • Give oral reports at scheduled times
  • Report all changes in work scheduls to the SHARP Coordinator and report all emergencies and work-related incidents
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