Objective:                 Currently Employed


Education:                 Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

                                  B.A., Visual Effect & 3D Graphics, May 2005


                                  Stanford University, Stanford, CA

                                  B.S., Computer Science, June 2002  ·   President's Scholar Award

                                  Minor: English Literature

                                  G.P.A.: 3.5


Computer Skills:       Languages:  Python, csh, Java, Java Swing, Java servlets, J2EE, J2SE, C/C++, HTML, OpenGL, JavaScript,

                                                     SQL, XML, MEL, DTL, PHP, CSS, Perl

                                  Platforms:   Linux, Unix, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Macintosh

                                  Software:    Emacs, Perforce, Nuke, RV, Zeno, CVS, MS Word/Excel, Oracle, Apache,

                                                     Tomcat,Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, Maya, Adobe After Effects,

                                                     Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro,MS Visual C++, Sun JDK,


Work Experience:     Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco, CA

                                  Technical Director (September 2011 – current)

                                  ·           Battleship: water simulations


                                  Assistant Technical Director (January 2008 – September 2011)

                                  ·           Avengers (area shadows pass, shot_prep, nkbake)

                                  ·           Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (stereo layers, stereo splits, rv transmissions, ffm/ffc, TD lighting on 13 shots)

                                  ·           Ironman 2 (envBrowser, lookdev zeno tools, oqeslap, rvSession, crowd sims)

                                  ·           Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (parts library, developed nuke pipeline, b44 pxys, rv, envoy, vbBrowser, pmsphere, TD lighting on 2 shots)

                                  ·           Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (fracture tool)

                                  ·           RV tool development

                                  ·           Nuke tool development


                                  Technical Assistant (March 2006 – December 2007)

                                  ·           Developed Luna

                                  ·           Managed Luna development (May 2007 - current)

                                  ·           Watched renders, assisted artists, etc.



                                  Stanford Residential Computing, Stanford, CA

                                  Software Developer (October 2001 – current)

·           Continued maintenance of Stanford’s IP Request servlets

·           Ported system from JServe to Tomcat, and switched from integrated HTML to DTL templates

·           Designed and created new DTL-based servlet system for reporting Port disconnections

·           Automated entire system


Software Developer (June 2001 – September 2001)

·           Fixed bugs, cleaned up code, and made several additions and changes to the student IP request system, a servlet-based internet system allowing students and administrators to request and update Stanford network connections

·           Alterations included added search functions, faster database queries, automatic table creation, easier-to-use interface, etc.

·           Assisted in porting the entire system from Sybase to Oracle

·           Used Java, DTL templates, HTML, and Javascript, and SQL to access the Oracle database

·           Designed layout and created graphics and HTML code for a new Stanford system called SunAppSys, short for Stanford UNiversity APPlication SYStem.  An early template can be seen at


NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Assistant Coordinator of SHARP (June 2000 – September 2000)

·           Helped coordinate the Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program (SHARP), a program for minority high school students to work with NASA researchers

·           Communicated with students and NASA researchers, led workshops, wrote evaluations, and performed various administrative duties

·           Designed and created a web site for the program at Ames.  My personal copy of the site can be found at


Borders Books, Music and Café, San Mateo, CA

Music Clerk (June 1999 – September 1999, December 1999 – January 2000)


Activities:                 SIGGRAPH (member since 2003)