Megan Rible and Jason Mendelson

Wedding Party

these aren't the droids you're looking for...

Cristina Gaspari

Maid of Honor
Cristina and Megan have been friends since first grade, and still look forward to celebrating Christmas with each other every year.

Erin Elhihi

Erin and Megan have been friends since first grade, and Erin introduced Megan and Jason.

Jennifer Hwang

Jennifer was Megan's first roommate at Stanford, and remains one of her best friends.

Lauren Bier

Lauren is a good friend of Megan's from Stanford, who, to Megan's delight, refuses to let 300 miles get in the way of a good book discussion.

Kendall Kerstein

Kendall is Megan's second cousin once removed. Now go look up what that means. :)

Katie Mendelson

Katie is Jason and Megan's sister-in-law, and mother of Logan the ring bearer.

Lynda Johnston

Lynda is Jason's sister.

Allison Dummel

Flower Girl
Allison is Megan's third cousin. She is "bursting with excitement" to be a flower girl in Megan's wedding.

Corinne Dummel

Flower Girl
Corinne is also Megan's third cousin, and Allison's sister.

Jillian Dummel

Flower Girl
Jillian is the youngest, but certainly not least, of the Dummel sisters.

Brigitte Rafnel

Brigitte is Megan's cousin and will be gracing everyone with her beautiful violin music.


Sean Mendelson

Best Man
Sean is Jason's younger brother, and father of Logan the Ring Bearer.

Glenn Mendelson

Glenn is Jason's older brother.

Scott Mease

Scott is one of Jason's best friends from Stanford.

Philip Enan

Phil and Jason have been the best of friends since they were kids.

Michael Mastrandrea

Michael and Jason have been the best of friends since they were kids.

Steve Wadleigh

Groomsman (in absentia)
Steve is another long-time friend of Jason's, who will be unable to attend due to his getting married the week before!

Rob Landauer

Rob is a great friend of Jason's, also since they were young.

Logan Mendelson

Ring Bearer
Logan will have reached the ripe old age of 14 months when he graciously bears Megan and Jason's rings down the aisle.

Tom Muller

Tom is Jason's cousin and has graciously offered to videotape the wedding.

November 02, 2008
?? days until the wedding