Megan Rible and Jason Mendelson

Our Story

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship MendelRibe...

A poem from Jason

-- CENSORED :) --

A translation from Megan

Jason and I overlapped at Stanford for two years, stayed at the same hotel in Kona, saw the same shows while visiting New York, and otherwise just missed each other for years. We finally met during some weekly gatherings started by my high school friend Erin Thompson, who was friends with Jason's brother Sean at Santa Clara University. Jason was enthusiastic about getting the whole group to watch his favorite sci-fi show, Farscape. I had always wanted to see the show. No one else showed up. Obviously, it was meant to be.

Soon after we started dating I enrolled in art school and ended up very busy with projects. Right after I finished, Jason enrolled in law school and business school at the same time, and became even busier. Then I got a job and spent two years on graveyard and then swing shift, making seeing each other even harder. But we persevered, left each other notes when one of us was sleeping, and called to chat at 2am. After five years, we are more in love than ever.

Our choice of wedding date is special to us. We first started dating on November 3rd, 2002. Jason proposed on November 2nd, 2007. And now we will wed on November 2nd, 2008. For Jason, it has a sense of meaning and symmetry. For me, it means I only have to remember one anniversary date! ;) It also means there will be a chance of rain for our wedding, but we will be indoors so it won't matter. Besides, last November 2nd was sunny, warm, and gorgeous (believe me, I remember!), so our chances are good.

See you in the fall!

The engagement

If you want to know about our engagement, ask us! We had a lovely weekend at the Fairmont in San Francisco celebrating our fifth Anniversary. In the process Jason lied a lot, presented a couple of boxes, involved the families in advance, got the room upgraded, and had too much 151, despite not wanting to be intoxicated at all. Megan was properly surprised, well dressed, ready for anything and beautiful.

November in SF. 80 degrees, and the convertible top down!


See the Photo Albums section for some pictures from our engagement weekend.

November 02, 2008
?? days until the wedding